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    Top Terraces

    This great Manchester property boasts over 3000 square feet, two parking spaces and roof top terraces all in the heart of Manchester.

  • essex1

    The Only Way Is Essex

    Essex has grown over the last decade in terms of interior lifestyle. Watch any sort of reality based show on television that is located in the…

  • tiny apartment

    Living In A Tiny Space

    Everyone has experience of living in an apartment where having space comes at a compromise. If you think having a great apartment in a tiny space…

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    A Wales of a Time

    While £600,000 might struggle to get you a bedsit in London, in Cardiff you could get this stunning 2 bedroom flat with private, landscaped gardens.

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    City Centre Stunner

    Cardiff is a vibrant city with a great deal happening, this city centre apartment ensures you are never too far away from the action.

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    Capital Venture

    Scotland’s capital is renowned for having stunning, historical architecture and this wonderful modern build pays respect to that.

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    River City

    Glasgow is a city with a lot going on. With some wonderful property available at staggering prices in comparison with the other major UK cities, it…